23 Egyptian Universities are Enrolled in THE World University Rankings 2020

The Minister of higher education and scientific research Prof. Khaled Abd Al Ghaffar announced that according to THE 2020, 23 Egyptian universities were enrolled among 767 global ones in the standard universities influence in achieving sustainable developments goals 2020. He figured out that Egyptian universities fulfilled a distinct activity in sustainable development goals which number 17 ones. The selection was made among over 85 countries, referring that the universities of Alexandria and Benha gained the 101 – 100 places to be the top Egyptian universities in this regard.

The minister added that the enrolled Egyptian universities achieved advanced ranks regarding Sustainable Development Goals SDGs as follows:

  • Benha university ranked 101 – 200 for the first goal ( Eliminating Poverty).
  • Suez Canal University ranked 13 for the second goal (complete elimination of hunger).
  • Alexandria University ranked 101–200 for the third goal (good health and luxury) the fourth (good education), and the fifth (gender equality).
  • Benha University ranked 101 – 200 for the 6th goal (pure water and hygiene) and the 7th (clean energy and affordable).
  • Pharos University ranked 101–200 for the eighth goal (decent work and economic growth).
  •  Assiut university ranked 101-200 for the ninth goal (industry, innovation and basic infrastructure).
  • Alexandria University ranked 201–300 for the tenth goal (reducing inequalities).
  • Aswan University ranked 101–200 for the 11th goal (Sustainable Cities and Communities).
  • Banha University ranked 100 for the 12th goal (Responsible Consumption and Production).
  • Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology ranked the 40th for the 13th goal (Climate Action).
  • Banha University ranked 52nd for the fourteenth goal (life under water).
  • Banha University ranked 34th for the fifteenth goal (life on land).
  • Alexandria University ranked 83rd for the sixteenth goal (peace, justice and strong institutions)
  • Benha University ranked 60th for the seventeenth goal (partnerships for achieving goals).

The minister said that that scientific research in Egypt is witnessing quantitative and qualitative breakthroughs in scientific research as observed in global databases, for example, the rate of academic publishing  in Egypt increased in 2019 over  2018 by 15.4% so far (as publishing in the year 2019 ends in the second half of 2020), noting that the publishing in 2019 amounted to 24,784 research, while the publishing in 2018 reached 21,477 which means disseminating one research per 21 minutes.

The Minister praised the various scientific publishing sectors in the period 2016-2019, where 41.3% of the total research were restricted to basic sciences (10.8% for chemical sciences, 8.7% for biological sciences, 7.4% for natural sciences, 7% for information and computer science, 4.2% for mathematics, 3.2 for environmental Sciences, 20.1% for medical and health sciences and 19.7% for engineering sciences and other various research). 

Prof. Abdul Ghaffar thanked the universities’ academic staff and the members of research centers for their efforts to reach this advanced rank among the ranks of the well-established universities, wishing them more progress, especially in the field of innovations that serve society.




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