Faculties’ Deans

  • Faculty of medicine: Prof. Hussin Al Sherief
  • Faculty of science: Prof. Atef Ibrahim Abd Al Qader
  • Faculty of nursing: Prof. Amal Mohammed Ahmed
  • Faculty of engineering:Prof. Loaay Saad Al Dein Nasra
  • Faculty of energy engineering: Prof. Adel Zein Al Dein Mohammed
  • Faculty of Al-Alsun: Prof. Ihsan Abd Al Qudous
  • Faculty of Fisheries: Prof. Magdy Ali
  • Faculty of Archaeology: Prof. Mohammed Gabr Shdid
  • Faculty of education: Prof. Hassan Allam
  • Faculty of specific education: Radi Abd Al Magid Taha
  • Faculty of physical education:  Prof. Abd Al Rahman Abd Al-Baset
  • Faculty of commerce: Dr. Mohammed Hussin (acting dean)
  • Faculty of law: Prof. Moustafa Kamel
  • Faculty of agriculture: Prof. Yasser Abd Al Hamid Deyab
  • Faculty of Dar Al-Uloom: Prof. Farid Abd Al-Zaher
  • Faculty of social work:  Prof. Mohammed Nagdy
  • The African studies and research institute: Prof. Abd Al- Aziz Tantawy

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