Ramadan Session

Under the patronage of Prof.Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed –Aswan University President, Prof.Hanan Abdul Monaem Awad –Vice President for Education &Students Affairs, and under the supervision of Mr.Htem Yossry-General Manager of Students Welfare, Mr. Ahmed Toka-Head of Sports Activities and Mr.Youssef Hamza- The Official in Sports Activities Management.

Ramadan Session 2019 of Aswan University will be held for academic staff and their assistants in the playground of Faculty of Engineering, Aswan University.

The Joining Conditions of Ramadan Session :

1-The Player is only allowed to participate in one team.

2-The number of participants 8 players.

3- Any player can’t participate in any team only after reviewing the origin of the personal identity or card.

4-Medical check of players is the responsibility of players.

5-The necessity of attendance before starting the match in good time at least a quarter of an hour.

6-The obligation with the unified sports outfit for each team.

7-The match has to be started with four players at least.

8- Registered Players can’t be replaced.

9-The duration of the match is 20 minutes for two halves.

10-The team is defeated in the following cases:

*The umpire can cancel the match because of non-athletic behaviors plural/individual.

* The participation of any player violates the conditions.

*Withdrawal from the match.

11-The Supreme Committee explains any text is not interpreted in the regulation. (The session fee is 200L.E for the team).


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