Aswan University Hospitals Ends Waiting Lists

According to president Sisi’s directions to end waiting lists and among the health initiatives launched by the state and in order to protect the citizens’ health, Aswan university president Prof. Ahmed Ghallab said  that based on the ministry of health’s directions to end the waiting lists in the university hospitals in all medical specialties;  Aswan university hospitals are implementing the presidential initiative and working on finishing the waiting lists to ease the Aswan citizens’ burdens taking into consideration the social dimension in providing medicine. In the same context, the dean of the faculty of medicine and the chairman of Aswan university hospitals Prof. Mohamed Zaki Al Dahshori said” we are working on ending the waiting lists as the waiting lists of the patients of Cardiac catheterization were ended in the presence of the executive manger of Aswan university hospitals Dr. Ashraf Moaabed and Dr. Ramadan Ghalleb, the chairman of cardiovascular department with the assistance of  Dr. Suadi Mohamed Al Soghayer and Dr. Nageh Mohamed Mahmoud . The department’s physicians performed several diagnostic and treatment catheter to some cases accurately and successfully” .                                         

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