Aswan University President Urges TICO-Aswan to Increase Patents

  Aswan University president Prof. Ahmed Ghallab said that according to the State’s plan and strategy for sustainable development (Egypt 2030) which depends on the current vision that relies on supporting innovation and creation and encouraging inventors and creators, enhancing small, medium and micro industries,  Aswan university is keen on getting funds from the Academy of Technology and Scientific Research and keeping TICO office  (TICO-Aswan) to provide real and more effective services in order to connect the university and the scientific research to the industry and society needs.

  In his last meeting with the manager of TICO team Dr. Abu Al Hassan Al Shazly Ahmed Younes, Prof. Ghallab directed to increase registration of the university researchers’ patent requests and the patents of the inventors from outside the university.

  He added that the university gives great priority and complete care to these types of projects and offices which help in solving social problems and link them to the industry that returns with prosperity to our beloved Egypt. He urged the teamwork to do more effort for achieving the targeted goals, do protocols with the neighboring factories, discuss the ways of cooperation, search for the industrial and technological challenges in the companies and factories to introduce them to the council of graduate studies preparing for enrolling them in the university research plan. For his part, the vice president of graduate studies and research Prof. Ayman Othman said that he wishes all success to TICO teamwork in the next phase. He added that TICO Aswan registered 38 patents requests, formed 20 prototypes of valued inventions, it participated in constructing 4 emergent companies, gained several prizes in the local and international invention exhibitions, attended more than 50 pieces of training and workshops and made more than 7 visits to factories and industrial companies in the governorates. TICO-Aswan participated in registering Aswan university in the programs of EU’s projects and activating Aswan university’s PIC number. Aswan University joined the Association of African Universities whose headquarters is in Accra, Ghana, and the International Association of Universities in the last 3 years.

  Prof. Ghallab urged the university researches and inventors to contact TICO-Aswan team and submit their ideas and proposals which need financial, technical or academic support by visiting TICO-Aswan website and applying for Innovation Challenge 2030 whether for training in the field of freelance and entrepreneurship, constructing emerging companies for young people, doing a prototype for innovations preparing for participating in the local and international competitions.

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