Media Statement of SCU

In light of the Council’s previous decisions issued in the session no. 699 of 18th April 2020 whilst it is in a permanent session. Today Thursday corresponding to 7th May 2020 the SCU held a meeting for handling and approving the report of the previously formed committee for following up the implementation of the decisions concerning the future plans of the second semester study system and exams 2019/2020 in the framework of the developments in the international and local status regarding confronting the novel COVID-19.
The Council decided to approve the recommendations submitted by the committee, it also decided to deal with the residuum students, the abroad examinees or the back-coursed students like other students as for preparing accepted (research topic, research project, reference research) or passing online tests .
The council stressed on implementing all decrees issued in the session no. 699 for which the ministerial decree no. 1290 for 2020 was issued and the council keenness on completing the semester by fulfilling the minimum level of the study requirements.

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