University Housing

University housing of students are the most important sectors of care for university students whether they are social, health, scientific, cultural or sports care. They provide an integrated university life for their students, especially students who are apart from their families.

it is the appropriate social method of the university housing of students. It first sponsors the superior student scientifically then the expatriate student. In addition to the students with special needs, whether healthy or social, within a certain percentage to support the right values ​​in general 24 hours a day in addition to that there is an integrated system for all students residing in the cities through which to provide the three meals according to the needs of students in this age stage by the teachers specialized in nutrition at the university.
It provides students with integrated care (accommodation – nutrition – programs of activities, sports, social, technical) for leisure and spend the student residing in the university cities nearly 70% of its daily time inside and therefore is provided all the needs of the student ( – Providing the right activities – Relaxing and relaxing – Providing places for study) 24 hours a day.

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University Housing of Students 

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