Campus Food Waste

Amount of food waste generated from food served within the university Number of Campus Population  93 total views

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Campus Food Waste Tracking

Food Waste Food waste refers to the decrease in the quantity or quality of food resulting from decisions and actions by retailers, food service providers and consumers.  Food is wasted in many ways: Fresh produce that deviates from what is Read More …

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Number of Campus Population

Number of Campus Population 35193 Undergraduates/Postgraduates Undergraduates 27867 postgraduates 4144 Total 32011 Academic Staff Professor 60 Assistant professor 121 lecturer 407 Males 52 Females 8 Males 99 Females 22 Males 268 Females 139 Total 588 Academic staff’s assistants Assistant Lecturer Read More …

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Healthy and affordable food choices for all on campus

Aswan university has improved a Policy to end hunger. Therefore, Aswan University is committed to provide sustainable food and address students and staff needing this support Aswan University sets a weekly schedule for meals, as the meal must contain protein, Read More …

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2.2 Campus Food Waste

Campus Food Waste Tracking Campus Food Waste  333 total views

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Pedestrian access on campus

Aswan University has continued to prioritize pedestrian access on campus. In order to: encourage walking and reduce dependency on cars Protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the use of cars.  Improve the health and wellbeing of Read More …

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