The coordination site receives requests for those who wish to apply to aptitude tests to enroll in faculties that are required to be accepted, and 

Coordination work for the first phase begins after the aptitude tests are completed.

Applying steps:

-Log in to the electronic coordination website ( with the national number or its seat number.
-Choose the capacity test registration page, which is now closed, and will open on the date specified by the ministry.
Checking the data on the website.
-The student chooses a list of the types of aptitude tests available, colleges and places designated to perform these tests, as well as the specific dates.
-Choose the type of capabilities and appointments, and the date by which he will go to the college will be determined.
-Print a receipt, including the types of abilities that he expressed the desire to perform, and the dates and places for performing these tests in the colleges.
Statistics of the Faculty of Specific Education.

Statistics of the Faculty of Sports Education


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