collaboration with health institutions (SDG 3)



  Our University continuously pays greater attention to implement the Sustainable Development Goals, not least delivering Good Health and Well-being. To achieve this goal, Aswan University in 2020 has collaborated with various health institutions to improve health and well-being outcomes.

Collaboration with Local Health Institutions:-

  • Cooperation protocol with (Abu Simbel International Hospital) to exchange medical expertise to improve health and well-being outcomes. (More details)
  • Corporation with the (Directorate of Health Affairs in Aswan) and (members of parliament in the Kom Ombo Center), organized Medical convoy Kom Ombo central Hospital includes ten specialties (General surgery – blood vessels – children – skin – orthopedics – urinary tract – ear, nose and throat – ophthalmology – psychological and neurological diseases – obstetrics and gynecology). (More details)
  • corporation with (Medical Isolation Hospital in Al-Sdaka Al-Gadida). We Sent medical team from Aswan University Hospital to support doctors for confront the new Corona virus and serve the injured. (More details)
  • Cooperating with the Directorate of Health Affairs in Aswan (Ministry of Health) to provide vaccines such as (scorpion-snake-tetanus)
  • Signed multiple Memorandums of understanding with different local Medical analysis Laboratories

Collaboration with National Health Institutions:-

  • Collaborating with the Ministry of Health and JSI skills in the areas of family planning and support for training doctors and nursing throughout Aswan Governorate, as well as ways to activate scientific research in the fields of family planning, and procedures for opening a family planning clinic at the University Hospital, which will have a significant impact on the health program for the citizens of Aswan. (More details)
  • The university has organized a Medical convoy in corporation with International Medical Convoy and The Ministry of Health in Aswan and the Directorate of Health in Aswan for medical convoy for plastic surgery and repair of the cleft lip and cleft palate. (More details)
  • Signed Memorandums of understanding with Ain Shams Specialized Hospital & Assiut Hospital to deliver good health and well-being to the Staff and employees of Aswan University.
  • Collaborating with “Drug & Addiction prevention and control Fund
  • Collaborating with The Association of Integrative Medicine and Sleep Disorders to train young doctors in Aswan University Hospital on what is new in the field of Integrative medicine and sleep diseases, and several lectures include subjects about pains and sensitivity chest, chronic pulmonary embolism, breath disorders syndrome during sleeping and overlap between them, CT scan of the chest and the treatment of pneumothorax. The workshop also includes how to treat lung cancer and obesity surgeries and the methods of transferring samples. (More details)

Collaboration with International Health Institutions:-

  • Aswan University with different international parties joint forces to organize the international medical conference entitled “The New in Facial and Head Surgeries”. Different professors from the United States of America & the Great Britain, have participated in the conference in collaboration with the Department of Aesthetic Medicine in Assiut University, and the Egyptian Society of Plastic Surgery, to improve health and well-being outcomes. ”More details
  • Collaborating with the Chinese Burn Association for constructing a comprehensive building to treat burns in the university hospital which is funded by the Chinese government.

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