Scientific conferences include holding a number of accompanying events that promote achieving the desired goals of these scientific conferences. Among these events, there are exhibitions and introductory editorials, the most important of which are “workshops” that help explain some of the ambiguous concepts and theories that are difficult to explain theoretically. It is considered an important feature added to the advantages of scientific conferences.

We hope to be in accordance with providing a full explanation of the relationship and differences between scientific conferences and workshops

The conference aims to put Aswan on the map of medical tourism for those who want environmental healing globally, and to activate the role of universities in revitalizing the medical tourism sector in Aswan Governorate, among other goals. Marketing Axis – Medical Axis)

The congress aims at making Aswan governorate an international destination to medical tourism in addition to activating universities’ role in promoting medical tourism. The following issues are supposed to be discussed at the conference “cultural, historical, environmental, economic, marketing and medical”.

Aswan University held the following conferences in 2020:

Medical scintific conferences at faculty of medicine
International Conference on Innovative Trends in Computer Engineering
Egypt is one of the countries that possesses huge wealth in terms of developing this profitable sector and abandoning the dependence on hydrocarbons as a source of financing for its economy. From this standpoint, Aswan University and the Faculty of Physical Education are working to organize the International Forum for Sports Tourism Aswan (Horizons and Aspirations) from March (18-20)-2021. 

International Forum For Sports Tourism

Medical scientific conferences at faculty of medicine

Aswan University held the following conferences in 2022

Medical scintific conferences at faculty of medicine

The “IEEE Conference on Energy Electronics and Renewable Energy is an international conference sponsored by “IEEE” Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, with a thematic focus on applications of power electronics and renewable energy and aims to attend academics, students, researchers and practicing engineers from all over the world to the land of civilization Egypt, and the conference will be held in Luxor from 15-17 February 2023.

IEEE Conference on Power Electronics and Renewable Energy