Family Planning

Aswan University participated in the awareness campaign that was held for the 3rd year under the title” We’ll Live Properly 3″ that aimed at amendment of the wrong ideas of the young people and teenagers, spreading volunteering ideas in society, raising medical leaders who adopt the population case and the related themes like (family planning, sexual harassment,  sexually transmitted diseases STD s, cancer and addiction) and the volunteering work. All the aforementioned events were held in last March.

10 symposiuma and field initiatives were held in different faculties and dorms. A 4-day Reproductive Health Education training courses was conducted for 25 students from different faculties. Aswan University provided means of transport for the volunteers who implemented these initiatives and symposiuma.

Aswan university community service and environmental development sector in cooperation with the faculty of social work organized 2 symposiuma on reproductive health education and first aid at Al Mansoureya village in Daraw 24th – 26th June 2019.

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