Leadership Positions

Aswan University announces its need to a leadership Position in the specialized jobs group in the Education Department as follows:


Job Description
1. Director General of Libraries Providing libraries with books, references, and scientific documents and making them available to everyone on campus in the educational process.
2. Director General of Accounts and Budget Maintaining financial stability and controlling the budget deficit, as well as building an efficient, low-risk financial system for the university.
3. Director General of university President’s Office Providing technical support to the university president, effective communication between him and various departments and entities inside and outside the university, and improving the positive image of university.
4. Director General of Postgraduate Studies and Research Developing plans for registering students for postgraduate studies and ways to exchange research, studies and notes on scientific and cultural aspects.
5. Director General of Scientific and Cultural Relations Supervising the organization, management, and development of cultural and scientific communications between universities, scientific bodies, and local and foreign scientific research centers.
6. Director General of Environment Projects Facilitating the work procedures of the General Administration for environmental projects, and developing plans and decisions that ensure the proper functioning of them and all departments related to them.
7. Director General of Medical Affairs Providing students with medical care and first aid, and establishing systems and rules that facilitate the provision of this care.
8. Director General of the General Department of Engineering Affairs Ensuring maintenance and renovations of university buildings and facilities, workshop management and operation to contribute to facilitating the work efficiently and effectively.
9. Director General of University hostels and Nutrition Providing amenities and health conditions in student accommodation, nutrition, and public facilities, following up on the conditions of students and residents of university hostels, working to solve their problems, and organizing their free time.
10. Director General of Student Welfare Ensuring the existence of plans and policies aimed at caring for students in all cultural, medical, social and sporting aspects to advance the future human element


Contact information and applying for the entity:

Aswan University – General Administration of Human Resources – Technical Secretariat_ Sahari _the administrative building. From 9:00 am to 2:30 pm.

For those who want to apply for this position must complete the form prepared for this purpose at the Technical Secretariat of the University’s Leadership Committee and submit the application in the name of Professor / President of the University with the stamp and the required documents provided that they are the original document and (7) copies, and are delivered by hand to the Technical Committee of the University’s Leadership Committee and will not be considered to applications that were previously submitted before this announcement, or that are received after the period specified for accepting applications, or that are received by mail, applications are accepted whether the applicant is from the university or from outside it.


Announcement data

The beginning of the announcement The end of the announcement
14/2/2014 14/3/2014


Job files:

Job application form

Required Documents

Job description card

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