Introduction:- Zoology museum is situated in the fifth floor in the faculty of science building. It cares for a wide range of materials and specimens that covers both invertebrate and vertebrate animals representing the whole of the animal kingdom.

The museum contains so many preserved specimens, skeletal material, anatomical models, glass models of invertebrates and educational posters. All animals found in the museum representing the Egyptian environment.

The museum has been founded in 1990s and the collections are result of funding from Aswan University in addition to research activities of staff and students conducted through yearly scientific trips for undergraduates.

Updating museum is in progress by improving present displays and storage as well as introducing more displays.

Aims:- it is mainly an educational museum, utilized in teaching some courses for undergraduate students, which could be used partially in research as well as a place for scientific visits and trips by schools.

Opening hours:- Sunday – Thursday from 9 am – 5 pm.

Charge:- Freely accessible.

Visits:- Both schools’ students and public are very welcome through the academic year and summer holiday.

Enquires:- If you have enquiries or offers of donations please contact Zoology department.

Contact :- 

Phone            : 097380446 – 0973480901

Fax                  : 09773480449