Membership at ASRT

Aswan University is represented in the scientific councils and committees at the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT):

  • Energy and Electricity Research Council. – Prof. Mohamed Abdel Aziz Muhalel Orabi – faculty of Engineering
  • National Committee for Astronomical Sciences – Prof. Mohamed Abdel Aziz Muhalel Orabi – faculty of Engineering

Prof. Mohamed Abdel Aziz Muhalel Orabi is a member in the Energy and Electricity Research Council & the National Committee for Astronomical Sciences representing Aswan University at the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT).

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The Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT)

The Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT) is a non‐profit organization affiliated to the Ministry of Scientific Research, established in September 1971 by the Presidential Decree No 2405 as the national authority responsible for science & technology in Egypt. In 1998, ASRT was reorganized by the Presidential Decree No 377 that defined its mission, function and activities.

ASRT is the Egyptian house of expertise. It brings together outstanding Egyptian scientists and experts from universities, research institutions, private sector, NGOs, policymakers and prominent Egyptian scientists in Diaspora to deliberate country problems, propose and carry out scientific studies and future strategic basic plans to tackle these problems.

ASRT adopts a comprehensive plan for developing Egyptian S&T to support relevant national ministries and research institutions in creating an integrated system of scientific research together for increasing the number of trained scientists in Egypt, and giving science a leading role in the country’s development and knowledge based economy. ASRT also promotes and encourages female and youth participation in S&T and scientific leadership.       


Effective National Academy, cooperates with other entities of STI, to improve scientific and economic status of Egypt


Nurturing enabling environment for STI and supporting the complete cycle of innovation

ASRT Mandates:-

  • Deliberate country problems; putting scientific solutions, and to set strategic studies, foresights and technological roadmaps through its 20 Specialized Scientific Councils, 300 ASRT Fellows, 20 National committees, 200 members).
  • Appreciate excellence in STI (State Prizes, STI indicators, STI evaluation, monitoring and benchmarking).
  • Provide national central core facilities (Scientific Publishing, Internationalization of Local Journals, Digital Library, ENSTINET, GLORIAD, cloud, grid and Super Computing, E-Science, EKB……etc).
  • Support national industry, technology transfer and deepen the local manufacturing (Egyptian Patent Office, IPR Help Desk, Quick Prototyping Fund, National Network of Technology and Innovation Commercialization Offices (TICOs), Regional Technological Incubators (Intilac), knowledge and technological alliances (KTA).
  • Propose, fund and manage National Multidisciplinary and Multi institutional Applied Projects, Initiatives and Campaigns, to tackle National stressing problems & demands
  • Establish, support and manage National and International Scientific Research Networks (Basic and Converging Sciences) , joint R&D labs and centers (China-Egypt Joint Lab of Renewable Energy, MATS,..etc)
  • Empowering young and women in STI (Children University, Scientists for next generation, Egyptian Young Academy of Sciences, National Committee of women, My project my future …etc)
  • Science & Society (Simplification of Science and Scientific Culture, Innovative Education of Science, Science Explainers, Scientific Books, Science Magazine, TV Programs & Series, Translations of scientific books, Exhibitions, Cairo Innovates, 1001 invention, Conf. , Workshops, Forums and Scientific Festivals).
  • Propose, fund and carry out Social Studies and humanities and Surveys

National Committee for Astronomical Sciences


Astronomy in Egypt Leads the Field of Basic Sciences and Modern Technology


    Following up the development of astronomical sciences and benefiting from the activities of the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

    Providing technical support to national projects related to Astronomy.

    Upgrading the level of scientific publishing in all astronomical branches in Egypt.

    Introducing new areas of research and teaching courses to pursue the rapid scientific developments and discoveries.

    Delivering the astronomical science to the level of students and the public.

    Simplifying the astronomical sciences through lectures and writings to commensurate people of different levels of knowledge.

Committee Duties:-

  • Representing Egypt at the IAU, providing the opinion of the Egyptian society upon its issues, cooperating in its working groups, suggesting the priorities of international cooperation and giving an annual report to the ASRT.
  • Benefiting from the goals of the IAU and following its conferences and studies and the activities of its Divisions to be transferred to the Egyptian Astronomical community.
  • Representing Egypt in the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation and participating in its activities and researches.
  • Providing suggestions for the activities and studies to be conducted by the committee among the general plan of the ASRT.
  • Organizing local and international conferences and scientific meetings for updating the recent international activities in the field of astronomy and recommending their benefits.
  • Helping scientific publishing by raising the awareness of national scientific community of local and international journals in the field of astronomy.
  • Providing the opinion of the committee in the national issues upon the ASRT president request.

Committee Achievements:-

  1. IAU selection of Egypt to represent its external focus point for the International year of Light.
  2. Committee members organize and give presentations in local and international conferences.
  3. Publishing an annual report about the impact of Egyptian scholars upon the scientific publishes in astronomy.
  4. Raising the awareness of astronomical knowledge and correcting any related misunderstandings through TV meetings, lectures, journals, internet, etc.
  5. Reviewing the astronomical subjects among educational books and reporting the mistakes they contain.
  6. Sending a letter to the Higher Council of Information to work on preventing the TV channels from calling the astrological people and giving them an astronomy scholars titles.
  7. Introducing good communications with the related departments in the universities and institutes through providing them with Committee’s recommendations.
  8. Introducing new Egyptian members into the IAU.
  9. IAU sponsoring The Arab Conference on Astronomy and Geophysics, and to be allowed to use its logo in conference flyers.
  10. Working on building a new observatory due to the bad effects of the construction of the New Capital on the Kattamia telescope observations which results in the issuing of the official order regarding this matter.
  11. Organizing a meeting about astronomical prospects in Egyptian Space Agency.

Future Activities:-

  1. Hosting International School for Young Astronomers (ISYA) provided by IAU.
  2. Organizing a special meeting to discuss issues related to Egypt new observatory.