Required Documents

 The Required Documents:

 Undergraduate Stage:

  • Original copy of the General Secondary School Certificate (notarized)
  • Original copy of the birth certificate (notarized)
  • A copy of the passport
  • 4 personal photos
  • The nomination letter of the ministry of higher education

students who want to transfer from a non-Egyptian university to Aswan University

The undergraduate foreign student of a non- Egyptian university and who want to re-enroll in  Aswan university shall submit the following papers to the Foreign Students Administration of Aswan University:

  • An application of the student’s interest to transfer into Aswan university
  • 4 personal photos
  • Original copy of the birth certificate(notarized)
  • The courses transcript (notarized)
  • An affidavit of the courses which the student has studied (notarized).

Alumni studies stage:

required papers:

  • 6 personal photos
  • 3 data forms
  • A notarized certificate (Bachelor, Master)
  • Certificate of equivalency (bachelor-master) from the Supreme Council of Universities.
  • Notarized mark sheet (bachelor-master-diploma)
  • Copies of a valid passport

After the student’s initial admission in the bachelor or postgraduate stages, his papers shall be sent to the General Administration of Missions and Expatriates in Cairo to be examined and then inform the University Administration of Foreign Students with the student’s final position of acceptance or refusal to enroll in one of the university faculties.

If a year passed from the final admission and the student didn’t join the faculty to study, the security clearance shall be renewed.

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