Programme in place on student food isecurity/hunger

Student food insecurity and hunger

  Food insecurity is when you don’t have consistent access to enough food. If you need help getting food or want to learn more about food insecurity the following resources can help.


Fighting Hunger on Campus

Policy solutions to food insecurity:

  • Aswan University has improved a Policy to end hunger. Therefore, Aswan University is committed to provide sustainable food and address students and staff needing this support.

Campus solutions

  • Youth welfare administration of each faculty determines the number of students, who are unable to afford the cost of food, and the university presents support to them.
  • Meals are provided to students residing in the university dormitories.
  • The university council’s decision to provide subsidized meals for non-resident students in the university dormitories at a cost of EGP 10 for meal (EGP 15 (0.95$) in 2020 and on).

Aswan University has a program to provide food security at the university for students, faculty employees and staff:

  • It provides meals for employees and staff at subsidized prices in the Central Restaurant.
  • The Youth Care department provides Food Vouchers to students at subsidized prices and For Free to university Hostels students.
  • The university rents cafeterias to restaurants to provide fast food
  • The university has established a bakery unit at the College of Agriculture to sell baked goods at subsidized prices to students and university employees.




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