New Medical services

Health care services:

Aswan University measures its progress through comprehensive and effective health Coverage for basic health services and financial protection, That is, ensuring that no one within the university or even the local community is exposed to ill health due to poverty and the narrow financial situation

Accordingly, Aswan University declared its responsibility and sponsorship to provide the necessary health care services not only to students, workers and Academic staff at the university, but also to the local and regional civil society.

  • Some measures taken to provide health care at the university:

Aswan University has identified the most important elements of health care, and they are:

  • Providing the necessary environmental capabilities
  • Awareness, health education and contributions

1- Providing the necessary environmental capabilities:

General Administration of Medical Care:

The university has a “General Administration for Medical Care”, which is part of the administrative and organizational structure of Aswan University, where it works to provide health care services, which are:

  1. Conducting medical examinations on many university students daily.
  2. Signing a medical examination for new university students at the beginning of joining the university.
  3. Providing a treatment unit in each college that provides primary medical services to all students (examinations and treatment).
  4. Providing essential and emergency medicines for all medical conditions of university students.
  5. Provide treatment cards for examinations and visits to hospitals; To follow up on the examinations he desires in any medical specialty.
  6. Transfer students to the university hospital to perform the necessary operations, x-rays or analyzes
  7. Increasing the entitlements of students who underwent operations at their own expense or outside the university hospital
  8. Providing a dental clinic for the Medical Department and dispensing treatment from the Medical Department’s pharmacy.

Aswan University Hospital:

Aswan University Hospital is the only hospital in Aswan Governorate that receives patients from all over the governorate centers as well as the neighboring governorates, as after its transformation into a university hospital, the number of departments increased from (8) clinical departments to (24) departments in all specialties that were non-existent Before, instead of transferring patients to other governorates and hospitals, treatment became inside Aswan, while providing the highest levels of medical and therapeutic services.

2- Awareness, health education and contributions:

Training and educational courses, workshops and conferences:


– Training courses:

-Aswan Medicine organizes a training course within the activities of the joint European-Egyptian project.

-Activities of the Training Course Organized by the Student Union of The Faculty of Medicine About The Basics of Electrocardiograms


-The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology holds a workshop on urinary incontinence and pelvic diseases in women.

Faculty of Medicine Holds a Workshop Entitled “Using External Fixation in Orthopedic Surgery”