Education and Student Affairs council promptly directs the announcement of the results of the final batches

The Council of Student Affairs and Education convened (Session No. 124) for the year 2024, headed by Dr. Loai Saad Al-Din Nasrat, Vice President of Aswan University for Student Affairs and Education. It was attended by the Deans of faculties for Student Affairs and Education, and council members, to discuss educational matters at the university.

The Vice President for Student Affairs and Education expressed his thanks and appreciation to vice Deans of fcaulties, for their evident efforts in successfully conducting the second semester exams for the academic year 2024/2023. These exams were characterized by discipline and adherence to all organized examination procedures. There was also a commitment to promptly correcting and monitoring the results for undergraduate students, aiming to announce the final batches results no later than July 31, 2024, in consideration of the graduates’ interests, along with sending the names and lists of successful candidates to the recruitment office.

Dr. Loai Saad Al-Din Nasrat, Vice President of Aswan University for Student Affairs and Education, stated that the council approved the formation of the supreme committee to supervise the aptitude tests for the upcoming academic year 2025/2024. This decision included the cancellation of aptitude tests for faculties of Specific Education (Art and musical divisions), with acceptance of students directly through the faculty internally, as per the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities on this matter.

Furthermore, the council discussed the admission criteria for students who did not express their preferences in the previous coordination process and for those who did not complete their registration procedures in the university faculties in the previous academic year.

Additionally, the council discussed the admission criteria for graduates (holders of Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees) who wish to enroll in one of the faculties under the general affilitation system for faculties applying this system in the academic year 2025/2024.