• We are committed to providing high-quality education, continuing development and acquiring the society’s confidence in our graduates who meet the international criteria.

  • Promoting academic excellence and innovation by providing students and teaching staff with advanced academic programs.
  • Upgrading teaching methods and establishing a modern database that serves students, academic staff and administrative cadre.
  • Training the academic cadre in using modern technology in education and scientific research. 
  • Training the administrative cadre in using modern technology in their management.
  • Providing attractive and secure conditions as well as good preparation for cooperation with other educational institutions in education and scientific research.
  • Providing a secure system for supporting students and offering them a variety of cultural and leadership opportunities.
  • Developing a website to facilitate communication.
  • Developing a system for measuring and evaluating the shortcoming that will become a base for ongoing development.
  • Promoting the Special Units to turn into consulting centers in serving the business community and income sources for supporting the university’s sustainable development plans.
  • Attracting and maintaining outstanding cadre.
  • Motivating and rewarding the superiority in scientific research and the inventive domains.
  • Playing a leadership role in spreading an environmental culture through pursuing an active policy towards environmental concern.
  • Seeking outstanding and supporting quality assurance to prepare the university for accreditation.


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