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Massar Entrepreneurship Program was designed by Enroot experts for Development with the aim of strengthening the startups sector, linking them to markets and value chains and awareness of entrepreneurship, and coordinating efforts in the entrepreneurship community in Upper Egypt in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030.

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Masar is a youth entrepreneurship program that addresses several pressing challenges in Upper Egypt based on the United Nations Development Goals.

In general, incumbents in the region – and other rural areas – face challenges represented by the high rate of unemployment and the insufficiency of decent work opportunities in labor market. Since its launch in 2018, Massar has focused on addressing these weaknesses by providing young entrepreneurs with the necessary entrepreneurial and technical skills. These activities help on developing better business ideas, development and improve existing businesses, and expanding their networks by linking to markets and value chains.

1-Business incubators in various governorates (Aswan – Luxor – Sohag – Qena – Assiut)

2-Business Development Services Units.

3-Trainings on entrepreneurship and business plans.

4-Assisting in the legal procedures of start-up companies.

5- Field visits and assistance in networking with markets.

1-Sana for dates.

2-Nature fragrance.

3- Nubty for meals.

4-Aswan scib.

5- Fanty fed.

6- El-Rabee for feed.

7- Rosa Aswan.

8- Makani Store.

9- Alyaf.

10- Sancor.

11- Glassy.

12- koly Gallery.

13- Kuch for leather products.

14- Jawaidi.

– Training on the work plan for each project.

– Meetings with the chartered accountant to establish companies for projects.

– Warness sessions .

-(Entrepreneurship training) Bootcamp.

– Development of the Work plan.

– (a session to evaluate projects and develop products).

– Field visits to factories and markets.

8- Participation in exhibitions.

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