Organizational Structure

Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman_ Aswan University President  

His Excellency heads the following Administrations: 

  • Documentation management, decision support making. 
  • Public Relations Department.

Prof.  Mohammad Abdel- Aziz Mehalel heads the Graduate Studies Affairs Sector  Which includes the following departments

  • Cultural Relations Department 
  • Central Library Administration 
  • Quality Administration. 
  • Postgraduate Studies Administration. 
  • Ranking office .
There is no Vice President for Community Service and Environment Development, click here  Which includes the following Administrations:
  • Department of Legal Affairs. 
  • Environment Project Administration
 Mr.  Khaled Mohamed Ismail Asran heads the Secretary General of the University  Which includes the following departments
  • General Administration of Administrative Affairs 
  • General Administration of Internal Audit and Governance 
  • Human Resource Administration. 
  • procurement and warehouse management. 
  • Garden Administration. 
  • Maintenance Management. 
  •  Automative management.