Social Solidarity Fund


  • Achieving students’ different types of Social Insurance (insurance and social care,)
  • Helping in implementing the students’ services
  • Helping in solving the problem that face students and prevent them from continuing their study.

According to financial and administrative regulation that was issued by the central fund for university students social solidarity no. 968 for 1982, most university students suffer financial problems due to the poor living conditions, a matter that prevent them from buying university books, paying tuition fees and other essential requirements for completing their academic stage. So the Social Solidarity Fund was created for helping these students.

Fund Services, Conditions, and required documents:


  • Paying Tuition Fees
  • Financial aid for university book
  • Getting a medical glasses
  • Getting clothes(in-kind assistance, stationary)
  • Getting meals
  • Supporting graduation projects
  • Monthly aids for students with chronic diseases

How can you get the service?

Required Documents:

  • Get a form from the student’s care office
  • Fill the form
  • Submit the form to student’s care office
  • Get a social research from the social unit affiliated to the student’s residence
  • A report of the family’s income(salary breakdown, pension report, agricultural holding, entrepreneur)
  • Original copy and a copy of the parent’s national ID
  • A copy of the current and the previous year’s student’s ID
  • A father’s photo
  • If the father is dead, a copy of the death certificate is required
  • In a case that the parent has a chronic disease and hasn’t the ability to earn his living, a medical report is required
  • In a case that the student is a handicapped or has a chronic disease, a medical report is required

The Service’s Fees:

  • No fees are required except 50 piasters which is paid with the tuition fees; moreover it shall be removed for the students who are exempted from paying tuition fees.
  • 2 pounds are paid with tuition fees as fees for subscription for personal accidents.

Applying Date:

  • Approval is required after a month’s from the application date.
  • In a case that the student isn’t granted the service in the target date, he/ she shall contact the university administration or the administrative control authority.

Terms of Granting the Aid:

  • The student shall be Egyptian
  • The student shan’t have been exposed to any university penalties
  • Not flunking.
  • The family’s monthly income average shall not exceed the limit determined by the fund.


1000 students got the service with total sum of 361200 EGP. varied between financial aid, paying tuition fees as well as paying the university dorms fees.

Ibn Sabeel “Misr Al Kheer” Protocol:

Aswan University signed a cooperation protocol to implement the “Ibn Al Sabeel” project of Misr Al Kheer foundation as one of the Zakat channels inside the university. The protocol includes paying for the needed students the dorm fees, tuition fees as well as TOEFL fees for postgraduate students in addition to supporting graduation projects for the expatriate students or the students whose residence is 85 km far from the university and the low-income families.

Services Provided for Students with Special Needs:

Aswan University provides services to disabled students to ensure they are successfully dealing with the university activities and programs.

The student with special needs shall:

  • Contact the student’s care administration to manage the personal meeting
  • Fill the required documents

The administration revises the submitted documents to determine the eligibility for getting the aid.

The student shall follow his/her application

Student shall submit the required documents

Student shall submit the letter prepared by the unit

  • Students who worth the aid:
    • Chronic diseases
    • Educational handicap
    • Visual impairment
    • Hearing impairment
    • Physical disability
    • Physical disturbances
  • Other disabilities:
    • Heart diseases
    • Severe allergic diseases
  • Services providing when taking exams:
    • Doing tests in quiet halls.
    • Providing an alternative mean of taking the exam: using computer and an assistant writer
    • Overlooking spelling and grammatical mistakes if they don’t form an integral part of the test
    • Changing the physical characteristics of the examination hall.
    • Changing the test’s order: long ones are divided
    • Housing in the dorms without any conditions.
  • Academic facilities:
    • Adding extra time for the test’s duration
    • Prolonging the deadlines for submitting reports
    • Providing a suitable space for wheelchair movement
  • Assisting technology:
    • Most computer labs are provided with assisting programs to help the disabled students.
  • Personal assistance and notes writer:
    • Providing social support
    • Providing a person to write notes during lectures
    • Providing a person to revise the written reports
    • Providing help when using libraries and moving in the campus
    • Supporting the student educationally by:
      • Allowing moving with the wheelchair all over the campus
      • Facilitating the educational process according to the different educational courses
      • Providing means of support in the university different offices
      • Providing visual aids (Braille), assisting devices as printers, Zoom Text, Kurzweil 1000, Windows for JAWS operating system

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