Egyptian E-Learning University

The Egyptian E-Learning University Strategy

EELU aims at introducing an e-learning education based on the following principles:

  • E-learning serves the students’ individual needs with different cultures and sectors.
  • E-Learning serves the availability principle as it is easy to access e-learning whether you are in house or work. It covers the majority of areas.
  • When applying the e-learning system, it will follow the method of education, evaluation, and explanation through the internet, video conferencing, e-mail, and any modern communication technology method.
  • E-learning serves the educational fields which cover all the modern specialties and sciences.
  • E-learning provides high-quality educational services at any time, any place via different technological methods (internet, computers, mobile phones and etc.)

EELU announces accepting a new batch for the academic year 2019-2020 for the mutual programs between Aswa university and EELU.

  • Academic Programs:
    • The Faculty of Computers and Information Technology
      • BA in information technology – Master in software engineering
    • The faculty of business administration
      • BA in business administration
        • Major: Administration
        • Minors( Accounting- Finance, and Investment – Marketing)
      • The following minors have been recently added
        • E-commerce
        • Management Information Systems

Contact us:

Prof. Mohammed Nagdi – dean of the faculty of social work

Tele. 01111730172


Address: Aswan University – Faculty of Law – 2nd floor – Aswan Al Gadeda