The First Conference of the Upper Egypt Universities

In the light of the development in the various fields under the leadership of the President of the Republic- Abdel Fattah Sisi, the Egyptian universities have to activate their tasks to participate effectively in setting the conceptual framework and scientific planning for the development.

Conference Themes:

  • Creative solutions for current developmental challenges.
  • New visions for developing some sectors.
  • New mechanisms to invest the available and latent resources.
  • Non-typical development for some areas.
  • The mechanisms of financing and marketing development projects and human capacities in South Upper Egypt. 
  • Show of successful development models in Egyptian and Arab governorates.

 To participate in the conference, send the research proposals submitted to the conference in Arabic or English, on the following e-mail:

At the later date 26/2/2019, send the research entirely for judging before 15/4/2019 to be judged and printed.

for more details about the conference click here   


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