The university main campus is located in Sahary City, Airport Road. It occupies 400 acres in addition to the new headquarters in Aswan Al-Gadeda that occupies 98.5 acres. Aswan university includes 6 headquarters and 6 university dorms in Aswan City.  

In (1973- 1974)Aswan branch was constructed as an affiliation to Assiut University. In October of the academic year 1973/1974, Study began in the faculty of education.
In (1978)The first bachelor was given 
In (1977– 1978)Started the enrollment in master degree in the faculty of science
In (1977 – 1978)The enrollment in Ph.D. started
In (1995)The presidential decree no. 23 of 1995 was issued to establish South Valley University and then Aswan branch was affiliated to it, new faculties were established (faculty of arts – faculty of social work – faculty of engineering).
In (2012)Aswan University was constructed as a governmental university by the presidential decree no. 311 of 11th of June 2013. 15 faculties were included  (arts, education, science, social work, engineering, energy engineering, veterinary medicine, agriculture, nursing, languages and translation, medicine, fisheries technology, commerce, specific education, and archaeology).