Aswan University Partakes in a Workshop on Preparing Teachers for Refugees and Migrants

 Aswan university president Prof. Ahmed Ghallab said that Aswan university will take part in a workshop on reviewing the courses of the professional diploma of preparing the teachers for refugees, migrants, and others. The workshop will be held in Zagazig university 2nd– 5th October 2020 with the participation of the universities of Heliopolis, Zagazig, Azhar, and October 6.

 Prof. Ghallab added that Aswan University’s participation in the workshop is based on the EU Program’s requirements with the participation of Athena, Cyprus, and the United Kingdom. He said that Aswan University will be presented by the manager of quality assurance and accreditation center Prof. Nadi Kamal Aziz, Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Al Eteify, Prof. Adel Abd Al Faheem, Dr. Abd Al Naser Fayez, and Dr. Yassmin Al Sayed Kamel. In the same context, Prof. Nady Kamal said that the workshop aims at reviewing the  Arabic courses to try it on a sample of teachers of mixed classes of Egyptians, refugees, and migrants or of teachers of the classes for only refugees and migrants as a preliminary step towards accreditation from these universities and the committee of educational studies sector of the Supreme Council of Universities.

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