Aswan University Prepares Section for Isolating Covid-19 Positive Cases in the University Hospital

Following the directions of the ministry of higher education and scientific research concerning preparing university hospitals for isolating Covid-19 cases, Aswan university president Prof. Ahmed Ghallab said that the Urology and Nephrology department was fully prepared to be an Isolation Section for Covid-19 cases as it meets all medical conditions regarding the presence of special inlets and outlets, 35 beds were fully prepared to receive positive cases, the medical staff were trained on using ventilators and the ways of protection against the novel Cornavirus.

Prof. Ghallab declared that the 1st 9 cases of the medical staff who had close contact with the passed aged woman with covid-19 appeared negative while the other 39 cases’ results 5 doctors, 2 workers, 31 of the nursing staff will appear soon. They are staying in the university hostel where they receive full care.

All precautionary measures were taken since Sunday; the day they were isolated when the aged woman who had diabetes and her case was  deteriorated went the hospital’s emergency. The  primary examination showed acute pneumonia, she was referred to the intensive care unit, the test showed that she contracted Covid-19 so she was immediately referred to Al Sadaqa Isolation Hospital.

The dean of the faculty of medicine Prof. Mohamed Zaki Al Dahshori said that the woman died while trying to cure her so the university president ordered to close-down and suspense work in the university hospital till the sterilization process ends. this came in the framework of the precautionary measures taken by the hospital to curb the virus outbreak. He outlined that in coordination with Aswan governor Maj. Gen. Ashraf Ateya and the undersecretary of the ministry of health Dr. Ihab Hanafy all patients were temporarily  referred to Aswan Health Insurance Hospital till finishing Aswan university hospital’s sterilization process.

The manger of Aswan university hospital Dr. Abd Allah Al Ebeidy said that samples were taken from the medical staff who stayed with the case more than 15 hours who are 39 and were sent to the university hostel to be quarantined for 14 days.

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