Aswan University supplies its informal employment with food commodities boxes

Within the light of the social role that Aswan University plays headed by Prof. Ahmed Ghalla-Aswan University President, ”Ghallab” stated today university distributed 100 cartons of food commodities to the informal employment in cooperation with the Egyptian Family Development Institution headed by Dr. Soheir Al Masry, in cooperation with the Armed Forces for supporting the informal employment in the university in the light of confronting coronavirus; they have been supported by many social initiatives that work on spreading the spirit of cooperation and social solidarity in the light of the initiative of the president of the republic Abdel Fattah Al Sisi.

Dr. Ahmed Kamel Al Rashedi -University’s Advisor for Human Development added that the university is keen on supporting its informal employment for helping them overcome the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Soheir Al Masry stressed that the Foundation plays its social role by launching the initiative of “Start by yourself” to support informal employment by providing assistance to them to relieve their life’s burdens in the light of confronting coronavirus.

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