Environmental Studies and Development Unit

 Environmental Studies and Development Unit
  • Environmental studies and development unit was established in Aswan university as a special, finically and administratively independent unit by the SCU’s resolution no. 35 of 1993.
  • The unit is chaired by Prof. Ahmed Essmat Belal who with his wife Prof. Erena Sebrengel exerted a big effort for the unit’s success both locally and internationally.
  • The unit is a research, service and training institution that includes several researchers and labs which cover several scientific and applied specialties.
  • The unit in cooperation with the local and global universities provided several studies, research and analyses over 2 decades in the fields of biological diversity, nature reserves, environmental monitoring, fresh water research and environmental pollution.
  • Today, Environmental Studies and Development Unit is reevaluating its labs to construct developed research ones for environmental studies as analysis and study of the environmental problems related to climate, soil, fresh water safety, recycling, alternative energy, training the students in the bachelor stage and after graduation to use the modern analysis methods, cooperation with service and production institutions as sugar as well as fertilizers factories which are common in Upper Egypt, Environmental Affairs Body, and civil societies, in addition to the study of natural hazards in  south valley region.
  • The unit gained the United Nations for Environment and UNESCO recognition as doing pioneer research projects in the extremely dry environments.
  • UNESCO Chair for environmental technology and sustainable development was granted to it in November 1997.