Combat Violence Against Women Unit

Aswan University Council in its 68th session on 30th Rabi al-Thani 1439 AH corresponding to 17th Jan. 2018 AD headed by Aswan university president Prof. Ahmed Ghallab issued the decree to:

  • Establish Anti-Violence and Harassment Against Women Unit (Special Unit)
  • Implementing the unit’s regulation after the council approval
  • A letter is submitted to the SCU. For more details please click here.

Achievements of Anti-Violence Against Women Unit for the academic year 2020-2021:-

  1. Implementing an art exhibition at Aswan University (at the headquarter in Sahari) on: “The role of art and artistic works in embodying the suffering of Egyptian women”.
  2. Holding a workshop by the deputy director of the unit in Al-Hujairat village, and the aim was to raise the awareness of  women breadwinners, through a group of artworks that can be used and sold by citizens, and this workshop lasted two days.
  3. Representing the Anti-Violence Against Women Unit at the International Conference on Empowering Egyptian Women, at Tolip Hotel_ Cairo. 
  4. Attending the conference of government universities units to combat violence against women, under patronage of the National Council for Women in Hurghada.
  5. Participation in the events of Organizing the 16 day campaign to combat violence against women in cooperation with the Upper Egypt Women’s Foundation and the National Council for Women in Aswan, in Rowing Club garden in Aswan. 
  6. Implementation of an educational-religious awareness day in the hall of Prof. Ahmed Fawzy, Faculty of Education, and this day included the following:-
    • A lecture on the role of women in the Divine religions, it  addressed the issues of female circumcision and early marriage.
    • A lecture on the role of music in elevating the role of the Egyptian women and the ability to solve violence problems inflicted on them.
    • Symposium on plastic art and its relationship to the breadwinner woman.
    • A lecture entitled: pottery and handicrafts and their relationship to women’s economic development.
    • Implementing an art exhibition that included a group of paintings that reflect the types of violence that women can be faced in various ways.
  7. Participation in the Kony competition, under patronage of the National Council for Women, and that with participation of a number of university students with various artworks as sculpture, printing, and short story, and the third place was obtained at the level of Egyptian universities with about printing on canvas. 
  8. Participation in the events of the National Council for Women in cooperation with the Women of the South Foundation and Faculty of Physical Education at Aswan University entitled: Unite. End violence against women now, and that was at the McDonald’s Hall in Rowing Club_ Aswan.