Service Units

Bakery unit belonging to the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources are prepared to present the Fresh baked goods for students and university staff.
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The Faculty of Science honored by presenting its services through the chemical analysis unit at chemistry section which approved by the Supreme Council of Universities.
This unit aimed to provide the latest scientific equipment and techniques to conduct the chemical analyzes required for postgraduate students and faculty members, and organizing various training courses to learn the theoretical and scientific foundations of the scientific devices in the analysis unit.
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The Social Solidarity Unit at Aswan University work on three axes : 

First: Social Protection and available production axis.
Second: Awareness and character-building axis.
Third: Supporting knowledge and experiences axis.
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The Natural Hazards Studies Unit aims to contribute to identifying natural hazards such as floods, earthquakes, drought, desertification, encroachment of sand dunes on urban areas and agriculture, siltation in the Lake of the High Dam, sandstorms, etc., and studying them with the aim of finding appropriate solutions to it.

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In its sixty-eighth session held on 30 Rabi’ al-Thani 1439 AH corresponding to January 17, 2018, under the chairmanship of Prof. Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed Ibrahim – University President and Chairman of the Council “Approval of the following”:
  1. Establish combat Violence against woman unit at University (Special Unit)
  2. working by Unit list after the approval of the high supreme council
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The environmental studies and development unit was established at Aswan University as a Special Unit and has its financial and administrative independence by decision of the Supreme Council of Universities No. 35 of 1993
this unit is considered a service training organization through a group of researchers and labs covered many applying and scientific sections.
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Study of tropical plants unit was opened on Monday,25/5/2015 , the back side of unit included 2500 meter ,It was supplied with 7 drip irrigation lines with a length of 75 meters for each line and planted with a variety of drought-resistant plants To see this, click here

The unit seeks to take a distinguished and pioneering position in the field of providing services, psychological counseling and training for all segments of society and to be a role model in this field.

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Rehabilitation and training for literacy and adult education interested in Preparing a graduated from faculty of Education and other faculties and who work on teaching in literacy and adult education programs, the current situation of the literacy and adult education teacher is to rely on volunteers
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It is a unit of a special nature with its technical, financial and administrative independence. It includes the unit of laboratories and training and consultations. The provisions of this unit do not prejudice the competence of workshops and laboratories in educational matters in which the workshops or laboratories are technically and administratively subordinate to the scientific departments that they follow technically and administratively.
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It is a Special Unit which belongs to Faculty of Engineering which specialized in production in furnature 
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