The Best 2018/2019 Egyptian University Competition

According to the directions of the president Abd Al Fattah Al Sisi, Supreme Council of Universities headed by the minister of higher education and scientific research Prof. Khaled Abd Al Ghaffar has discussed preparations for organizing the best 2018/2019 Egyptian university competition in preparing for receiving 2018/2019 students.

The council determined the contest’s criteria as follow:

  • The readiness of study halls, libraries, labs, workshops and training rooms for receiving the new academic year.
  • The university aesthetic view including green areas, applying discipline in entering and going out of the university.
  • The university’s ability to engage the disabled students in the academic life.
  • University academic level.
  • The university’s ability to provide own resources to cover its expenses and improving the different aspects of learning, research and training processes.
  • For the contest’s questionnaire please press here.

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