Aswan University Hospital: conducting reimplantation surgery of a separate hand after a full amputation

Within the framework of the breakthrough which Aswan University witnesses under the patronage of Dr. Ayman Mahmoud Osman-Acting of Aswan University President regarding providing a distinguished medical service for Aswan people and Southern-Upper Egypt governorates. Dr. Mohamed Zaki Al-Dahshoury-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine stated that Aswan University Hospital provided great medical services through the medical available services however it includes an elite of specialized doctors and distinct advisors in the different disciplines. Within this framework, Aswan University Hospital conducted an accurate surgery by re-implanting a separated hand after its full amputation for a carpenter when Aswan University Hospital received him after urgent transferring from Kom Ombo University in Aswan his exposure to cutting in the hand by a sharp electric saw mistakenly in the evening Monday, at 11 p.m.

Dr. Ashraf Mabed-Excutive Manager of Aswan University Hospitals explained that once the case’s arrival at the university in the morning Tuesday, at 2:15 p.m., was entered directly into the operations and emergency at the Plastic Surgery Department in Aswan University Hospital, and the surgery was started by specified doctors with high medical skills including surgeons, the trainee nursing staff, and the workers of the department where they quickly intervened and worked on relieving the amputated limb before the gangrene at 3 a.m. while the hours of surgery continued 6 and a half constant hours under complete anesthesia under the supervision of Anesthesia and Care Department; after the succeeding of the operation the patient was directed to the special care at the beautification and burns department with the stability of his state and stability of his blood circulation in the hand that connected with microscopes surgeries by a team consisted of 3 surgeons, 2 assistant doctors, 2 anesthesiologist with a nursing staff at the operations, and the worker of Aswan University Hospital to pass this accident safely, and the case is stable and under the medical supervision.

Dr. Ahmed Kenawy Moussa-Head of the Plastic Surgery Department at Aswan University Hospital added that the medical staff that conducted the surgery included caring anesthesiologists with high skills: Dr. Mohamed Hamdey- Assistant Lecturer, the deputies of anesthesia during their shift, the nursing staff Mohamed Thabet, and the nursing of the emergency. 

The surgeon staff included Dr. Ahmed Kenawy Moussa-Head of the Plastic Surgery Department, Dr. Mahmoud Mansour Kabbash, Dr. Amr Bahaa, and Dr. Omar Al-Adfawi, deputies of the beautification department Dr. Jamal Ezz El-Din, Dr. Ahmed Salah, Dr.Amira Antar, and Dr. Abdul Rahim Mohamed and the worker staff in the emergency who received the case, and quickly intervened and provided great paramedics which led to rescue the case and replaced the amputated hand to its natural place in the arm after the succeeding of the surgery that was conducted by qualified doctors with great efforts; such these surgeries always need to modern medical capabilities and these capabilities are only available in Aswan University Hospital and that’s what helped in success the surgery.

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