Developing the health system of Aswan University Hospital

Prof. Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed-Aswan University President declared that the medical and health projects of university hospitals are almost done, where Aswan University Hospital witnessed various sectors that receive all Aswan governorate patients and Upper Egypt patients to receive treating service through requalifying and raising cadres and medical experiences and works on polarizing consultants at various specializations as well as works on enhancing the university hospital with the latest medical services to serve patients.  

Prof. Ahmed Ghallab added that Aswan University Hospital witnessed the creating of several new buildings such as Al-Batinah and Children Hospital with a capacity of (150) beds includes a dialysis unit that has been finished with the percent of 85% from the size of works that leads to a great breakthrough by entering the service so soon which leads to the development of the medical and health system in the university hospitals.

Also, the work is in full swing in the emergency hospital building which includes 4 operation rooms and includes 22 surgical operations beds for accidents, emergency, intensive care, disinfection unit, restaurant, x-ray unit, and radiation laboratories at the highest level.

Dr. Mohamed Zaki Al-Dahshoury-Dean of the Faculty of Human Medicine explained that it’s underway to qualify and raise the efficiency of the departments of Aswan University Hospital such as bones, urinary, and reception departments, as well as there is a comprehensive development to gas and warning net, mechanism and normal works from finishes with the completion of the preparation of the central restaurant which includes 2 food halls and central laundry.

Within the light of the directives of the university president/Ashraf Mabaed-the Executive Manager of Aswan University Hospitals regarding following the establishing works that implement in full swing for implementing a great breakthrough to receive all cases with a capacity of nearly (6000) beds, and we ask our people in Aswan to bear this transitional period until finishing from this boom. 

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