Higher Education distributes 20 sterilization booths on the university hospitals

Prof. Khaled Abdul Ghaffar –Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, stated that 20 integrated disinfected booths have been distributed to the university hospitals for sterilizing all visitors of universities and protecting the medical staff and all university employees from the dangers of Coronavirus; emphasizing that it’s planned to provide other disinfected booths for supplying all university hospitals.

The minister indicated that this is coming as a continuation of the precautionary and preventive measures that the ministry has taken firmly to confront the spread of Covid-19; implementing the directives of the political leadership to preserve public health and limit Coronavirus spreading.

It’s worthy to mention that the minister previously confirmed that the necessity to apply all preventive and precautionary measures in the university hospitals to ensure the safety of employees, doctors, and patients of the university hospitals, by providing all preventive, sterilization, and checking tools for all workers in university facilities to limit the emerging Coronavirus spreading.   


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