Online Course is Launched in Cooperation with the International Huawei Academy

Aswan university president Prof. Ahmed Ghallab said that in light of the cooperation with the international Huawei, the university held an approved online courses in the fields of networks and artificial intelligence in the 2nd stage of the online training on technology, information, modern technologies and network systems on the university’s online platform that is supported by Huawei Academy. There is considerable demand by the students to know the available programs of Huawei and joining them. Prof. Ghallab said that the training will directly enhance the students skills in the field of information technology.

The dean of the faculty of engineering Prof. Loay Saad Al Deen Nasrat said that a memorandum of understanding was made between Aswan university and the faculty of engineering and Huawei Academy 2020. It was agreed on creating the 1st branch of Huawei Academy in Upper Egypt in Aswan university. There are 4 main  training fields; Network, Information Technology, Smart Devices and Cloud Service. Dr. Samia Heshmat and Dr. Mahmoud Fakhry were trained in Cairo for 15 days on the Main Fields and they passed the international tests. The 1st group that includes 20 students will be trained online after Eid Al Fitr holiday.

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