Launching a series of awareness symposiums on Corona Virus at Aswan Culture Palace

Activities of a series of awareness symposiums on introducing coronavirus and the ways of preventing it have been launched under the initiatives of Prof. Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President which its activities have been launched in the Palace of Culture in Aswan, which lasts for three days in cooperation with the Aswan Culture Palaces Authority, the Directorate of Education and the Directorate of Youth and Sports. Today, the awareness for university’s students, then the second day for school students, and the third day for youth students and the Aswan community.
”Ghallab” added that these symposiums come within the framework of the social role of the university and the importance of the state to aware citizens of coronavirus and work to avoid infection after the appearance of cases lately in Aswan, Dr.Mohammad Zaki Dahshouri – Dean of the Faculty of Medicine indicated that these symposiums have been prepared inside the faculty of medicine especially the Chest Department and Internal Disease Department in the university hospital, and work to magnify the role of the faculty’s students to serve Aswan community to limit the danger of this virus ”corona” in the presence of Dr. Hisham Hamed Al-Rifai – Vice – Dean of the College of Medicine for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Dr. Awni Abdul Rahman – Teacher Gastroenterology and Dr. Amr Abu Al-Hassan – Assistant teacher of chest diseases and they gave a lecture on educating university students about the symptoms of the Coronavirus and how to prevent it while following precautionary measures and following preventive measures in crowded places while sending a message of reassurance to their families

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