Finishing Internal Medicine Hospital is Paradigm Shift in Medical Service at AU Hospitals

Aswan university acting president Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman announced that medical service in Aswan university hospitals will witness a fresh start towards a new medical system through completing the Reception and Emergency Building which consists of a basement, ground floor, and 4 repetitive floors occupying 8400 square meters. It aims at enhancing the clinical capacity of Aswan university hospital which now absorbs 450 beds. Reception and Emergency Hospital will be a vital addition to the medical system in Aswan University Hospital as it includes 150 beds.  This comes within the framework of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s support for Aswan University Hospitals and in light of the political leadership’s interest in the health of the Aswan citizen.

  Prof. Mohammed Zaki Al Dahshori, faculty of medicine dean and Aswan university hospitals’ chairman, added that 95% of the project of constructing internal medicine hospital in the current building was completed. The building cost 150 million EGP in addition to 74 million for equipment and furniture. He clarified that internal medicine hospital consists of 5 floors with 150 beds distributed on general and special internal medicine,  neurosurgery, oncology, cardiology, chest diseases, dermatology, and physical medicine departments.   

  Dr. Ashraf Meabed, the executive manager of Aswan university hospitals, said that reception and emergency hospital includes several departments (reception, emergency, IC units, hospitalization, radiology, analysis labs, disinfection unit, laundry, garage, central restaurant, hanging bridges to ease transporting patients, emergency cases and doctors mobility between the university hospital and the new building.

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