Cooperation with Medical Institutions

    Aswan University Cooperated with outside health institutions:

* Assiut University Hospital.

* Ain Shams Specialized Hospital.

* Aswan University Hospital.

* Aswan Eye& Lasik Hospital.

* Al Borg Labs.

* Al Mokhtabar Labs.

* Radar Medical Diagnostic Centre.

* Aswan health affairs directorate, ministry of health in providing antitoxins for the stings of scorpion, snake and Tetanus antitoxin.

* 100 million healthy lives campaign in conducting the hepatitis C test for 13000 students where it found that 15 students were infected by the virus. They had the necessary medical Examinations and treatment.

* The Preventive Healthcare in spraying of insecticides around the dorms, As for the students with physiological problems they receive treatment in the university hospital, Providing the necessary treatment through Aswan University hospital or extracting the financial value of treatment based on the regulation of medical Administration and accredited from the University Council.